Linus has released an official statement: “The reports of my illness have been greatly exaggerated.” (at Goryeb Children’s Hospital)

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Roasted banana turns a regular s’more into a breakfast s’more. I’m available for TED talks. (at Swartswood State Park)

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Greetings from our tent in the middle of the woods. #missyoulincy (at Swartswood State Park)

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Birthday balloon festival with my big boys. (at New Jersey Hot Air Balloon Festival)

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Yep. Three of em in this house. #bros (at Chateaux Nilsson)

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Good morning from these guys. #firstselfie (at Morristown Medical Center)

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Big Brothers. (at Morristown Medical Center)

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End of year publishing party with the most prolific author I know. (at Hillcrest Elementary School)

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Fearsome viking midsommer warriors. (at Vasa Park)

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Two wheelin’. (at Chateaux Nilsson)

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