One more time with the birthday girl. It was a pretty good one this year. #selfieonthefeet (at Kungsträdgården)

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Wait, so wiener bread has nothing to do with hot dogs?! I’m so confused. #uglyamerican (at Gunnarsons specialkonditori)

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I am 98.73% positive this is the photo we have hanging up on the wall in our house…Make that 99.34%. (at Prästgatan)

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This has to be a sign… (at Slussen)

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Canal touring the bridges of Stockholm with the birthday girl. #selfieontheboat (at A Boat in Stockholm)

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So what you’re saying is Swedes take rice pudding and then mix in what amounts to blueberry pie filling?! I love my mother country. (at Malmö Centralstation)

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This is what a Danish lox sandwich looks like right before I get all ugly American on it. (at Caritasbrønden)

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Look what we found. Seems appropriate for our anniversary trip. (at Jesu Kristi Kirke Af Sidste Dages Hellige)

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Let the 10th Anniversary Extravaganza (International Edition) commence. Sweden? Denmark? Where you at?! (at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR))

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Now that the sun’s out it’s time to get back to foiling the forces of evil. (at Chateaux Nilsson)

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