Yep. Three of em in this house. #bros (at Chateaux Nilsson)

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Good morning from these guys. #firstselfie (at Morristown Medical Center)

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Big Brothers. (at Morristown Medical Center)

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End of year publishing party with the most prolific author I know. (at Hillcrest Elementary School)

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Fearsome viking midsommer warriors. (at Vasa Park)

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Two wheelin’. (at Chateaux Nilsson)

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Now this is some epic rocking. (at Amish Mike)

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Introducing the new Nilsson Family Swagon (this is Chuck’s toughest face). #wearenowacliche

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This smile was the only thing better than the brunch he and his classmates made. (at Morris Plains Co-Op Playschool)

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First day of soccer practice and time for a new kit. (at Lidgerwood Park)

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